Former FBI agent will head the BINANCE investigation department.Us

Former FBI agent will head the BINANCE investigation department.Us

The American Bitcoin-Birzhi division Binance hired the ex-agent of the FBI Jay Kan as the head of the investigation department. This is stated in the press release.

The duties of a specialist will include cooperation with law enforcement agencies, regulators and other trading platforms in order to identify and suppress illegal activities on the site. He must also create "infrastructure for investigations".

According to the report, over the past year, Binance.US strengthened legal and compliance operations. The unit increased the staff by 145% and directed the fifth of the staff to perform these functions.

The main lawyer of the company Krishna Juvvadi in the commentary Cointelegraph noted that the department headed by Kane is a completely new Binance unit.Us. According to him, the former agent became the first "investigation leader" of the American branch.

Kan is known for the loud cases related to financial crimes. In 2006, he focused on insider trade in hedge funds, and also engaged in cases of extortion and hacker attacks on cryptocurrency and traditional companies. Reuters called him a man who is "most afraid of Wall Street".

In February, the media reported that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission became interested in binding between Binance.US and two, affiliated with the founder of the maternal company Chanpen Zhao Trading firms.

Previously, Reuters, following the results of their own investigation, came to the conclusion that Binance has repeatedly hid information from regulators, neglected KYC procedures and acted contrary to the recommendations of its own compliance department.

In March 2021, Bloomberg announced the study of CFTC BINANCE activities for possible admission for US residents to trade cryptoderival without a license.

Recall that in September 2022, Binance hired by Vice President for the regulatory compliance of the former Kraken employee Stephen Christie.

In the fall of 2021, the ex-specialist of Europol in Darknet Nils Andresen-Reed joined the Exchange Security team. Then, the position of vice president of the company for global intelligence and investigations was taken by Tigran Gambaryan, who worked in IRS on the affairs of Silk Road, MT. Gox and BTC-E.

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